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    Alex Cruikshank's InfoQ Profile - InfoQ

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    lang="en" xmlns="">Alex Cruikshank's InfoQ Profile - InfoQBT

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    Profile picture

    Alex Cruikshank

    Profile page created Jan 17, 2024

    Director Product Engineering in AI Lab @West Monroe


    Over 25+ years, Alex Cruikshank has built software products for over 50 companies ranging from early-stage startups to household brands. Now working in West Monroe’s AI Lab, he is leading R&D efforts and working with clients to unleash the potential of Generative AI for consumer software products and back-office systems.

    • Development
      • What's New in PHP 8.3
      • The Creators of the Atom Code Editor Open-Source Zed, Their New Rust-Based High-Performance Editor
      • Sudo for Windows - Elevating Command Execution in Windows 11
    • Architecture & Design
      • Building Sub-Second Latency Video Infrastructure at Cloudflare
      • Designing Fault-Tolerant Software with Control System Transparency
      • Grab Improves Kafka on Kubernetes Fault Tolerance with Strimzi, AWS AddOns and EBS
    • Culture & Methods
      • State of FinOps 2024: Reducing Waste and Embracing AI
      • Can Green Software Engineering Solve the Climate Crisis?
      • Exploring the Impact of Generative AI on Software Engineering and Career Paths
    • AI, ML & Data Engineering
      • Google Announces 200M Parameter AI Forecasting Model TimesFM
      • Google Introduces Gemma, a New Open Source AI Model for Developers
      • Generally AI Episode 5: Making Waves
    • DevOps
      • AI and FinOps Predicted to Lead Observability Innovation in 2024
      • Zurich Insurance Group's Journey with Scalable Account Vending and AWS Account Factory for Terraform
      • Mastering the Art of Platform Engineering: Perspectives from Industry Practitioners

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